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Michael Young's interest in Asian Philosophy and languages emerged when he attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA, from which he graduated in 1985, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Religions with a minor in Japanese Language. Upon graduation Michael moved to the Kansai region of Japan, where he began a two-year study of Japanese language, culture, and traditional medical practices, the highlights of which were studying acupuncture and translating traditional Japanese medical texts with renowned Osaka acupuncturist, Dr. Koji Imura.


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Michael returned to the U.S. in 1987 to attend the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, California.  He earned his Master of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and graduated with Honors in 1990. While studying in San Francisco, Michael completed an internship at Quan Yin Healing Arts Center with Dr. Misha Cohen, a specialist in the Chinese medical treatment of chronic viral infections such as HIV and Hepatitis C.  While working with Dr. Cohen, he became the program coordinator for the HIV/AIDS herbal-research program funded by the Institute for Traditional Medicine.  His interest in this area, and experience with the research protocols led him to found the San Francisco "Immune Enhancement Project" (IEP) in cooperation with Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D.  As Director of IEP he specialized in the acupuncture and herbal treatment of HIV, AIDS and other immune-related disorders.  Under Michael's leadership, IEP became the first Chinese medical clinic to obtain federal funding for low-income patients, and in 1993, IEP incorporated as a non-profit agency.  The IEP Clinic continues to serve the San Francisco HIV community today.

Michael first practiced as a licensed acupuncturist in California and is currently licensed to practice in Colorado. He received his National Certification in 1990. In 1993 Michael moved to Boulder, Colorado to join an integrated clinic where Medical Doctors and Alternative and Complementary health care providers worked in cooperation. His interest in helping to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medical care led to his continued work in cooperation with various Medical Doctors and other care providers until 2002, when he opened a private practice in Longmont, Colorado. He has been a Full Professor at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO since 1997.

Michael's commitment to continued education for himself, and efforts to share his knowledge with his students, are apparent. To continue his training in Japanese acupuncture and Kampo herbal medicine, Michael studied with Dr. Miki Shima on an ongoing basis from 1993 to 2005. During the last two years of his studies with Dr. Shima he served as a teacher's assistant for a 2-year certification course in Japanese Acupuncture. He also received additional training and certification in Homotoxicology and Advanced Injection therapies from HEEL, Inc. In addition, in 2000 Michael led the Southwest Acupuncture College student study group to Beijing for a month-long intensive study program, and in 2001 he led a study group to Japan to visit various clinics and hospitals of prominent Japanese acupuncturists.

In 1993 Michael was a presenter and workshop leader at the first international HIV, AIDS and Chinese Medicine conference in San Francisco. In 1996 he began offering private seminars, and has instructed at various colleges including Southwest Acupuncture College, the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, and Seven Bowls School of Nutritional Healing. More recently Michael has been active in creating and presenting injection therapy training programs for Colorado acupuncturists. In 2006 he was the keynote speaker at the Acupuncture Association of Colorado's annual conference where he presented on the theory and practice of injectable homeopathics.


Michael Glenn Young, Dipl. Ac, L.Ac.  Curriculum Vitae' (10/07)


2008 - Completed a 6 month course in Homotoxicology

2000 Certificate Program in Acupuncture and Tui Na, Dong Zhi Men College
   of TCM, Beijing, China

1990 Masters of Science in TCM (including Chinese Herbology), American College
   TCM, 2600 hrs

1985 -1987 Studied Acupuncture and Shiatsu in Kyoto, Japan

1985 BA Asian Religions, Minor in Japanese Language, Occidental College,
   Los Angeles, CA


Light Force certified in Deep Tissue Laser Therapy on 9/29/2016.

2005 HEEL "Injection Therapy for Pain Disorders" certification, San Diego, CA

2004 HEEL Homotoxicology certification, Westbrook University

2004 HEEL "Advanced Injection Therapies" certification, Phoenix, AZ

1988 NCCAOM Diplomate in Acupuncture, Certification #4600, exp. 4/30/12

1987 Acupuncture certification from Dr. Koji Imura

1987 Shiatsu certification from Shunji Morimoto

Licenses and Credentials

1993 State of Colorado Acupuncture License #238

1991 State of California Acupuncture License #4229 (inactive)

Teaching Experience

2022 – Lecture for Elotus on "The 12 Most Common Trigger Points and How to Treat Them with Acupuncture".

2022 – Two day presentation for the Acupuncture Association of Colorado: "Lurking Pathogens of the 21st Century" and "Introduction to Injection Therapy".

2009 – Two lectures to Heel®: in Phoenix, Arizona and in Boulder, Colorado.

8/97- Present Full Professor at Southwest Acupuncture College, Boulder, CO

8/93 - 5/05 Teaching assistant for Dr. Shima, Japanese Acupuncture two-year    certification program

5/02 - 8/03 Instructor, Boulder College of Massage Therapy

8/03 - 5/05 Instructor, Seven Bowls School of Nutritional Healing

1/96 - 5/97 Instructor, CSTCM, Denver, CO

Work Experience

1991 - Present Various group and private practices, in Longmont, CO

2001 Led a private group to visit prominent acupuncturists and their clinics
   in Tokyo and Kansai region, Japan

2000 Group Leader for Southwest Acupuncure College Study Abroad Program at    Dong Zhi Men College of TCM, Beijing, China

1990 - 1993 Founder, Executive Director and Clinical Director of the Immune
   Enhancement Project, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, San Francisco, CA

2011- Feb 2012 Founding Board Member of AVF (Acupuncture for
   Veterans & their Families), a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, Longmont, CO

Continuing Education

2010 Great River Symposium, Minnesota, 15 CEU's 2009:
   Biopuncture with Jan Kerschott, Phoenix, AZ, 8 CEU's


1996-Present Various private seminars, most recently injection therapy
   training programs for Colorado acupuncturists

2005-2009 Developed a series of injection therapy classes with
   Joe Swartz, MD and Cary Gold, RPT

2008: Lecturer for Heel, Inc., presenting an "Introduction to Biopuncture"
   at the AZ Naturopathic Medical Association's annual conference

2006: Keynote speaker at the AAC's annual conference, presenting on
   the theory and practice of injectable homeopathics

1993: Presenter and workshop leader, 1st International HIV, AIDS
   and Chinese Medicine Conference, San Francisco, CO

Faculty Development

10/2010 "Integrating Different Learning Styles and Assessment of Learning,"
   Dr. Laura Border, Boulder, CO

Professional Activities

Member, Acupuncture Association of Colorado

   Date Submitted: JANUARY 21, 2014