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   All visits are by appointment only – No walk-ins.

   Please call or email to schedule your appointment.


(Link to 6-page downloadable pdf)

   Includes intake info for: Patient & Family History, Current Symptoms,
Dietary Diary, and Medical Timeline


$120 - $150 for a 90-minute treatment that includes one or more of the following; Acupuncture, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Moxibustion, and/or Cupping.




(All injectables are based on practitioner recommendation and patient agreement to be injected.)

  • $15 per 1st ampoule of Traumeel or similar Injectable Homeopthic
  • $10 per second, third, etc. Homeopathic ampoules such as Traumeel
  • Other injectables such as Sarapin, Procaine, etc. are based on the cost and quantity of the injectable(s)
  • $60 for Class 4 Warming Laser (12 minutes is the Maximum time recommended).
  • $5 for 2ccs of Saline. (This cost is waived if it is used on combination with Homeopathic Injectables).

To learn more about the different injectables contact me at 303-702-0219 or


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